Hello folks

Yep, in English this time, giving our Kiwi friends the opportunity to comment on our adventures as well ;-)
There was a last time for a lot of things over the last couple of weeks and as the days went by Pol (Pj) got grumpier and grumpier…. Packing, cleaning (well, the car at least Dianne..). I managed to get myself nearly killed on my very last day of work, wedged in between a darling cow and a fence while pregnancy testing. Ouch! While the purple on my hips is vanishing I am still reminded of that day when using my ribs. (hmm, is there anything you do without moving your ribs?) Chris’s attempt to startle me with a fake call failed, since he didn’t think I would be the first one to answer the clinic phone.
Koosje got the short straw and got up at 3.00 am to take us to the airport. Thanks for that! Sad to leave our cows, sheep and lovely little chickens behind, but they are well looked after.
Off to Brisbane for a day of city-strolling, and boy, Brisbane is a CITY after living in Christchurch. Dale picked us up to head to Toogoolawah for yeah guess what……… more skydiving! What a surprise and what a long day. Thank God for the swimming pool.

That night we met up with Rob and Becky! All set for our first Ozzie Barbie of the year we ran out of gas! Pol got up at 5.30 am to check out Robs normal working days (and I thought 7.15 was early) and we went to Byron Bay for the weekend. The drive went smoothly, but the car decided to call it a day just as we pulled in the driveway of our accommodation, so we had to push the thing the last 200 metres! Haha, that sure looked funny. We were rescued by Becky’s parents on Sunday. Back to Brizzie with six of us in a bright orange cab, with our yellow ‘banana-car’ riding backwards on a trailer.
Pol and I checked out some Koala affairs at the Koala-sanctuary, which was fun, and after a wonderful meal at Becky’s parents it was almost time to go! Bye Bye Brisbane…

On our way to Perth to see Bart and Heidi and meet little Zara! What a cutie! I promised Bart to tell you all that he lives in a castle and eats caviar every day, but actually, it did feel like that to us ;-) We spent Anzac day exploring the beach and drinking coffee before checking out a winery (and lots of their produce…). Pol and I ventured to Rottnest (Ratten-nest) Island for a day to enjoy some white sandy beaches! Check out my tan upon arrival, hehe. Good way of adjusting to Holland again, because we hired bikes and rode them around all day (sore bum) and did some snorkeling on the way. Hmmm, it’s a dirty job, but someone‘s got to do it…. Tasted beers at the best Fremantle Brewery and took Zara to Heidi’s sister for a night and pretended we were all 18 once again! Bart and Heidi still know how to party. Let’s say, it was a fantastic Queens-day warming-up ;-)
And before we knew it, with our heads a bit cloudy still, we were back at the airport. But men, we enjoyed our time in Ozzie. Had some baby-practice sis, so am ready to meet Meike. (Heidi did spare me the diaper-thing though…)

Thanks Dale, Rob, Beck, Bart, Heidi and Zara for fun times! We have kept ourselves busy, but we already found some moments to miss New Zealand too. We are sitting at London airport as I speak and I must admit, we are getting a bit nervous now, cause you Dutch lot are only a few hours away now. We are pouring down those coffees so that we can celebrate Q-day with you all tonight!

Catch you soon!


9 Responses to “Hello folks”

  1. San Says:

    *blij blij blij*

    QD here we come!!!

  2. peter Says:


    welcome back here….. welcome back party next weekend (best bet is friday). we’ll keep you posted!

  3. Dianne Says:

    Heh Eef and PJ!!!!!

    How was you’re Queensday/night!?!?
    The cows, sheep and chickens are doing quite allright. It has been raining for the whole week now, so be glad you’re in Holland, where the sun is shining :) . And PJ, thanks for washing the car, but I’m afraid a bit of the white has allready gone brown because of the gravelroad I took the other day……. Well, have a great time in at home!!!!! Check you later!!

  4. helmi Says:

    Hee Eef en PJ!!

    Practiced your Uncle and Aunt skills with Meike?? I hope you had a great time seeing her for the first time.

    I hope your ribs have survived Queensday, Eef! (And made everyone jealous with your tan as well.) (The weather in Auckland has been better than in Christchurch, last week, so Dianne should come over here if she wants some sun…)

    Have a great time at your welcome party, and see you guys later!!

    XXX Helmi

  5. Marco&Lianne Says:

    jullie weten niet wat jullie missen hier. Zon, zee strand en het is nog steeds 25 graden (hahaha). Veel plezier in Holland en geniet van de feessies. (sorry zie nu pas dat het eigenlijk in Engels moet)


  6. Melvie Says:

    best Fremantle Brewery: MUST BE “LITTLE CREATURES”!!!! TE LEKKER BIER!!!

    en rottnest island, super om te snorkelen!

    Leuk man!!!!!!!!!

    Veel plezier in NL

  7. Marco&Lianne Says:

    HE you guys,

    A very important question here, are you maintaining this website, now you aint here anymore? Because it is nice to keep track of you……..

    bye bye

  8. Eef Says:

    Of course we are Mareco! Surely you guys want to know all about our coming USA adventures ;-) Don’t you?
    How’s the Bay? Still sunny as ever? We missed you Q-day in the Bommel….

  9. jen mick Says:

    man, you look like you need some of those english commenters… new zealand is a little less fun knowing you’re not here, even tho you were 6 hours away! we’ve moved into a cool new place – mountainy cottage – and still hoping for that promotion for fran ;) enjoy those old buildings back in europe! jen & fran xxx

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