Home and away… to the USA!


You might have noticed that it has been very quiet on our website lately.
That is not because we don’t have anything to write about, trust me!
How can having a few weeks ‘off ‘ in Holland still be so hectic?!……
The sistersFamily Oomen

All eyes are on Matti Surely the timing was perfect; arriving the day before queens day got us in the right mood immediately and gave us the opportunity to catch up with lots of friends at the same time. Or eh, drink with them at least. You couldn’t tell who were the ones with the jetlag the next day ;-)

Pol (Pieterjan) and I have pretty much been living out of our backpacks. Makes deciding what to wear quite easy but can be tiring after a while. Catching up with friends and family continued, meaning we have lived anywhere between Breda, Hapert and Utrecht.
Pol had a NZ project (for Skydiving NZ) to finish and got a new project in Holland straight away as well. I have been helping at my sisters ‘caring farm’ running the asparagus shop and doing some household stuff. A job that, beyond all hopes, came with a car and cell phone! Most important task was hanging out with my wonderful new niece of course!

Pol has wasted no time. Several Internet companies had shown their interest in Pol’s work, so he’s already got some job-interviews out of the way. Quite successfully, but then there’s always that difficult thing called making choices…. Well, he’s in the process!

Chris and Katy on their way to the stage Last weekend we went over to London to be there at Chris (my colleague at the vet clinic) and Katy’s wedding, which was wonderful. I had never seen Chris in anything but shorts and gumboots, so a suit was something different! I bet that feeling is mutual, aye Chris?!
We took the opportunity to catch up with Melvin and Wendela as well. They’ve been living (and ‘vetting’) in England for 7 months now, so it was great to see them and hear about their experiences. Together we checked out lovely St. Albans and, after a night in some dodgy B&B (well done Evelien), Windsor castle and it’s gardens.

After all this you guys might understand that Pol and myself are ready for a bit of a vacation! ;-)
On our way to the USA, waiting at Washington airport as we speak. Wonderful adventures await us and we will keep you posted right here.

Missing all you kiwi-friends, eager to meet up with American buddies and Dutchies, well… we’ll be back soon.

Love, Evelien & Pol.

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  1. helmi Says:

    Good to hear you’re having a great time!! Have a lot of fun in the USA. Any chance to catch up with you in September? Maybe I’m in holland then for a few weeks..

  2. Marissa Says:

    hey evelien and Pol!
    sounds like you two have been pretty busy! one of the hens just had 3 chicks and another hen laid like 12 eggs! but we tried to move her into afety and she wouldn’t lay on them and they all died. :( warrior is hanging around with cheaky being cheaky! our chickens aren’t doing so great but they coul dbe dinner soon. it’s been freezing out lately. it was -3 this morning. brrr. the fire’s going 24/7. we miss you and hope you’re having a hec of a good time in the WARM USA!!

    Love Marissa

  3. Andrew and Sarah Says:

    Hi Evelien and Pol!
    Wow you dudes have been super busy. Sounds aweful having to travel around and live out of backpacks. Hope you can get back to a boring life going to work everyday soon…ha ha
    Thanks heaps for the postcard it was awesome to get. Your niece looks real cute Evelien. Bet you’re glad you’ve got to spend some time with her. Now that asparagus farming sounds cool, do you think there could be a position for a certain Simon Hagger?
    Its finally getting cold here in Kiwi land but the mighty All Blacks are playing again and kicking some French but, so we keep nice and warm in the pub watching them. Anyway, who let the frogs out! Snail anybody?
    We miss you dudes heaps and hope you will have a great time in Yanky doodle town say hi to George from us. Sarah sends heaps of warm fluffy pigeons with lashings of chocolate ponies. Pol i’ll have to check out the skydive website. On TV a while ago there was a short story on the lack of skydive personnel in NZ I was thinking that might be fun but so is getting electric shocks.
    Anyway doi doi (i think thats right you know what I mean)

    Love Andrew and Sarah

  4. Marieke Says:

    Hey Lieverds!
    Zijn jullie goed aangekomen!

    Liefs, Mariek

  5. ward Says:

    Tis toch niet normaal, zo van de ene vakantie in de andere!!!!! thanks voor de gezellige avond afgelopen woensdag!! see-ya Ward

  6. Buttercup Says:


  7. Ruub..... Says:

    So!! Weer effe rust hier….. ;)

    Kuske for u guyz!!

  8. kutje01 Says:

    having a good time???
    hope to see you soon!!!
    next week heliboogie… Im nervous!

  9. Di Says:

    Heh vakantiegangers!!!!!
    Gezllig in de buzz??? Thanks voor kaartje!! Stan vond vooral de molen erg mooi. De auto loopt nog steeds hoor! Heb stuurvloeistof (althans dat hoop ik….) bijgevuld, dus alles weer getuned voor volgend weekend als tie de berg op moet! Yes yes, snowboardtime!!!!
    Lisa is vertrokken naar Robindale helaas, maar gelukkig is Chris weer terug. Die was meteen druk zijn nieuwe auto aan het poetsen (die van hem is schroot, benieuwd hoelang deze het volhoudt). Tja, what else. Het is winter. Donker bij thuiskomst. Kerstgevoel midden in juni ofzoiets. Laatst meegedaan aan de Dunsandel fundraiser voor de basisschool. Er deden maarliefst 3 teams van SRVS mee!!! Gelukkig wist ik bijna niks, ha ha.
    Wel, vermaak jullie een beetje in de groene buzzz!!!!!!

  10. Eef Says:

    Happy birthday to Eef, Happy birthday to Eef….enz..
    …er is er één jarig hoera, hoera….
    Lang zal ze leven, snoep zal ze geven..
    Gefeliciteerd!!!!! We zullen er hier een op drinken en ga er vanuit dat er nog een groot feest komt als jullie weer in nederland zijn, toch?!!
    Dikke X

  11. Marieke Says:

    van harte gefeliciteerd Eef!!!

    dikke verjaardagpakkerds!!

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