Canyon dwellers

Hey y’all!
IMG_9495 Only two weeks in The States and I’ve lost the Kiwi accent, back to my Yankee-old- self… ;-)
Ready for some real American experiences, we boarded the Green Tortoise in San Francisco. Known to be a driving cloud of hippies, grass and freedom…. It became clear though that the seventies are over, when mostly young people wearing shoes boarded the bus and the driver started explaining the bus-rules. But even in the 21th century, I can really recommend these trips! (check We had a blast! This big old green bus could be converted in one huge bed and with bunks hanging off the ceiling could sleep up to 36 people! Not a lot of privacy obviously, but with 23 in our group it was lots of fun.

IMG_9481 Overnight-drives, to wake up in beautiful National Parks. Zion, Bryce, Arches, they were all so different! Cooking outside, sleeping under the stars and lots and lots of hiking! IMG_9571 Our group had 12 different Nationalities and people of different ages. Even a father with his 12 year old son, who I promised to write about ;-) Hunter surely stirred up the group a bit, especially after he had coffee and chocolate for breakfast…. Telling stories, building amazing armies out of rocks, asking lots of questions and hugging all the girls. ( being 12 does have advantages!) It was great to meet you Hunter, you better leave us a message on this blog. ;-)

Our drivers made a huge effort to talk us out of hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but doesn’t that make it more exciting? Well, you must be a little crazy to hike down the steep walls to descend into temperatures of over 44 C!!! There is two tricks to surviving that… good planning and drinking lots and lots of water! We started hiking late afternoon to reach the Colorado river at the bottom of the Canyon as it got dark. Weird though, temperatures that went up, as the sun went down…. We slept under the stars (amazing sky!) to get up and start our climb back to the rim at 4.00 in the morning.
It was fantastic!

IMG_9683 On the way back we went to Las Vegas, man, what a crazy place that is! It is so big and it’s so hard to get anywhere (the sidewalks will lead you into casino’s and over bridges etc) that we didn’t even find time to throw away all our money! Thank god. We are doing that now instead….. (am writing you from the Sky-dive boogie in Davis)

The last few days we have spent in my dear Bolinas, staying at a friends house, visiting people and places. Celebrated my 28th (!) with a dinner at The Coast Cafe , where I used to work, and Pol and the staff turned it into a real B-day-party with candles and singing! Many thanks, Justine and Brandy, for the great meal!

So now I have lots of time to work that B-day cake off at the drop zone… If only it wasn’t so damn hot!
On monday we’ll head up to Seattle and Orcas Island, get some work done!
Hope you are all doing great! Eef and Ed, I’m impressed with the homework you guys did, and looking forward to our next adventure…. vroem vroem!

Eef and Pj.

7 Responses to “Canyon dwellers”

  1. Marieke Says:

    Fijn om een bericht te lezen van hoe het jullie daar vergaat!!
    En leuk dat je zo’n fijne verjaardag hebt gehad Eef!!

    Lekker verder genieten!!

    PS jeetje, ben ik nou de eerste die reageert op dit bericht?!
    Niet eens Sandra of Fred die een onderlinge strijd hebben! ;) gniffel…:D

  2. ward Says:

    ja, dat zeg ik eef, van harte gefeliciteerd met je 28th (!) BD. Enjoy, laterssss


  3. Melvie Says:

    Many thanks, Justine and Brandy, for the B’day party…Yeah, rriiiiigggght….What kinda drink is ‘Justine’?

    hihi, kusje!

  4. Marco Says:

    Wat is het leven toch fantastisch mooi!!! Geweldige verhalen en foto’s weer.

    Veel plezier en tot in het hollandse.


  5. marike Says:

    Ha, hier hard aan het werk, net aan laatste hoofdstuk van mijn proefschrift begonnen. Fijn om te lezen dat het jullie goed gaat. En ook tof om zo lekker weg te dromen bij jullie belevenissen, zo kan ‘t ook :-) geniet er van!!
    grz marike
    wel balen dat ik juist een congres in san francisco heb moeten laten schieten :-( klinkt vet daar!

  6. Hunter moore Says:

    thanks for the peace about me miss you . have you herd from JP yet? !-)

  7. ploenk Says:

    Ya! Green Tortoise was fuuuunnnn! :D And the pictures are soo great as well! :D

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