Fun and skydiving at ‘The American Boogie’

Before the raft jump It’s gonna be time that I’m writing on this weblog again. Although Evelien is doing a way better job than me in writing ‘fun to read stories’…

Anyways, as she mentioned, have we been to ‘the American Boogie’ in Davis CA, and ‘American’ it was. It was completely according my expectations: a lot of skydiving, a lot of partying and a lot of fun. We drove up to Davis from Bolinas and on our way, we picked up JP from the trainstation. We met JP on the Green Tortoise tour and so we found out he did his AFF course in New Zealand and knows the same people as I do. It’s a small world isn’t it?! After telling him our plans to go to the boogie it took him not long to decide changing his plans and join us for some skydive fun.

Before our tracking jump  Skydive Skydance organised some nice planes to jump from. We had a skyvan, twin otter and a PAC XL. I did over 20 jumps, mainly freefly. The highlights were: the raft jump (including girls in bikini for in the raft and some handsome blokes to get the raft out of the skyvan ;-) ), some formation freefly jumps, a tube exit out of the back door of the skyvan, a 9 way sunset tracking dive which I leaded on my back, a 3way tracking dive with JP and Chris. The last one was hilarious, while Chris and I were just cruisin, JP was racing through and all over the sky, all of us had the best time ever!

It wouldn’t be a proper boogie without some good booze, they organised free beer, which made it every night good fun. Also the jelly wrestling competition for women was entertaining, but one of the most funny moments was when this chick (never seen her before) came up and asked us to come over to the corner where she flashed her boobs… Conclusion, everything what you could expect from a boogie was there: awesome aircraft, good skydives, free beers and boobs!

I’m looking forward to the skydive ENPC boogie in August…

Damn, who knows where to get some free beers…?

4 Responses to “Fun and skydiving at ‘The American Boogie’”

  1. Marco Says:

    Where are the pictures? Sounds good!!

  2. Buttercup Says:


  3. Seral Says:

    Hey Evelien en Pieter-jan,
    Na vaak van jullie verhalen en foto’s genoten te hebben laat ik nu ff een berichtje achter. De foto’s van het springen en de natuur zijn echt klasse. Heel veel plezier nog in de usa.
    Greetz Seral

  4. Marieke Says:

    Hey Eef&Pietje!!

    Zit naast een rokende Chinees in een MEGA computerzaal!
    Even een berichtje om te laten weten dat mijn tas er weer is en alles goed gaat!!

    Morgen gaan we weer verder met de trein naar het volgende stadje/plaatsje!!

    Tot laterrrr!!

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